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Who am I now? (Redrawn) by SeeUtheVocaloid
SeeU and SaaU by SeeUtheVocaloid
Magic by SeeUtheVocaloid
(PLEASE READ: Some of the drawing examples may be old. Due to my constant practicing, my drawing skill is constantly improving. My drawing skill has improved after each of these drawing were completed. So keep that in mind!)

I'm not that great at drawing, but if anyone wants a drawing I'd be happy to do it!

(How much would commissioned drawings like these examples cost? I have no idea how much to charge!)

I can only draw humans. I can't draw animals/pokemon/etc. I am getting better at doing backgrounds.

If you want an OC drawn, then I'll need a very detailed description, and if you have examples of things from pictures like from something (Like a picture of the hair/item. You can use Polyvore for all I care!) that would work too. I just need the detailed description or some good reference.

I really don't know what would be a fair price to charge for drawing commissions... I don't want to cheat anyone, but I don't want to be cheated. You know?


:iconaokilapisplz: :iconthe-evil-watermelon: :iconakainamida1: :icontaramoonstar: :icontheaftershock: :iconbackoffedsmine: :iconsilversongalchemist: :iconmikulover98: :iconjakilani:


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United States
*Warning* My ID is just a random sketch that I did in like, ten minutes. I haven't felt motivated enough to actually spend time on drawing an ID. Also, I realize my username probably makes me sound like a weaboo, and that's because when I made my account I was entering my weaboo phase. I swear, I'm not a weaboo anymore.

Anyways, thank you for stopping by page!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lacie and I love to film, write, act, draw, and use VOCALOID.

I really love VOCALOID. I use SeeU, the Korean and Japanese bilingual VOCALOID3. And I recently got the V3 Editor! Yes I know, V4 is out, but after going almost three years without an editor (long story), you'll take what you can get. I'm happy with it though.
SeeU is currently my only VOCALOID, but I'd like to get another one in the future. Maybe AVANNA, or CUL, or maybe Anon & Kanon. But I also really like MAYU and Mew... And then there is Lapis and Merli...choosing is hard!!
I also created a SeeU Derivative when I was in my weaboo phase... I'm not exactly embarrassed by it, but I don't really do anything with her. You might see a drawing of her from time to time though.

I really love to draw. But I have a lot of room to improve, and I'm working on it. I am almost constantly drawing to practice, so I improve almost every time I draw something. Whether I improve at shading, or lines, or at drawing faces or clothes, I don't care. I'm just happy I'm getting better.

I really love to write. I am not very good though... I either put too much detail, or not enough, or I can't make things in the story properly play out. I have A LOT of room to improve.
I also love filming and acting. But I don't want to be a Hollywood director or actress, I'd rather act and direct in my own things, or a friend's film project.

Anyways, I want to be a Director, actress, author, illustration artist, and VOCALOID Producer. It's a lot, I know. But who cares? If I think I can do it, I have to try! :)

I also really love anime, and video games. I also enjoy scary stories and creepypasta.
My worst fear is that Slenderman is real and he's going to kill me when I go into the forest to walk my dog...

Thank you for stopping by my DeviantART! Please look at my Youtube as well. I don't have much on it, but I am gonna get to it soon.

And please check out my drawings! OH, and comment on them! pretty please??? I love comments!~
Random pointless journal entry ahead
You have been warned!

I decided to play a new game last week, and I finally chose Fire Emblem Awakening. It was between that, or Kid Icarus Uprising, but after seeing some gameplay videos and seeing how it was similar to Pokemon Conquest, I decided I'd try it out. I had never played a game in the Fire Emblem series before, and I have to say I was missing out! I picked up the game Friday when I went with my sister to the store, and since I've been kind of sick this weekend and haven't felt like doing much I've been playing it a lot. It's so much fun!
I'm already on Chapter 24. I'm actually kind of sad, because I think I'm about to beat the game. :( 
And my avatar married Chrom, I didn't even know they could get married in the game. O_O Not that I'm complaining though, Chrom is pretty awesome (And when I pair him and my avatar up in battle, I seem to never lose! Same when I put him or my avatar with Morgan or Lucina.)
I really regret that I didn't play a Fire Emblem game sooner! It's really fun. So if you have never played it, I definitely recommend it. 

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