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Who am I now? (Redrawn) by SeeUtheVocaloid
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(PLEASE READ: Some of the drawing examples may be old. Due to my constant practicing, my drawing skill is constantly improving. My drawing skill has improved after each of these drawing were completed. So keep that in mind!)

I'm not that great at drawing, but if anyone wants a drawing I'd be happy to do it!

(How much would commissioned drawings like these examples cost? I have no idea how much to charge!)

I can only draw humans. I can't draw animals/pokemon/etc. I am getting better at doing backgrounds.

If you want an OC drawn, then I'll need a very detailed description, and if you have examples of things from pictures like from something (Like a picture of the hair/item. You can use Polyvore for all I care!) that would work too. I just need the detailed description or some good reference.

I really don't know what would be a fair price to charge for drawing commissions... I don't want to cheat anyone, but I don't want to be cheated. You know?


:iconaokilapisplz: :iconthe-evil-watermelon: :iconakainamida1: :icontaramoonstar: :icontheaftershock: :iconbackoffedsmine: :iconsilversongalchemist: :iconmikulover98: :iconjakilani:


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Please ignore my DeviantID! I really needed a new ID, but I haven't made one yet. This is my character from a script I've been writing, and I got bored and decided to draw a picture for it, and it's still in the sketch and adjust process...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by page!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lacie and I love to film, write, act, draw, and use VOCALOID.

I really love VOCALOID. In fact, I use SeeU, the Korean and Japanese bilingual VOCALOID3. Although I still do not have the full V3 Editor, and VOCALOID4 is about to be released... yeah... I don't know what to do yet. I think I'll go for V4.
SeeU is currently my only VOCALOID, but I'd like to get another one in the future. Maybe AVANNA, or CUL, or maybe Anon & Kanon. But I also really like MAYU and Mew... And then there is Lapis and Merli...choosing is hard!!
Also, I am the creator of the SeeU Derivative/ Fan made Voyakiloid, SaaU.
I was in my weaboo phase when I made her, so I don't do much with her anymore. I still draw her just for fun every once and while. And I still have her voice configuration saved.

I really love to draw. But I have a lot of room to improve, and I'm working on it. I am almost constantly drawing to practice, so I improve almost every time I draw something. Whether I improve at shading, or lines, or at drawing faces or clothes, I don't care. I'm just happy I'm getting better.

I really love to write. I am not very good though... I either put too much detail, or not enough, or I can't make things in the story properly play out. I have A LOT of room to improve.
I also love filming and acting. But I don't want to be a Hollywood director or actress, I'd rather act and direct in my own things, or a friend's film project.

Anyways, I want to be a Director, actress, author, illustration artist, and VOCALOID Producer. It's a lot, I know. But who cares? If I think I can do it, I have to try! :)

I also really love anime, and video games. I also enjoy scary stories and creepypasta.
My worst fear is that Slenderman is real and he's going to kill me when I go into the forest to walk my dog...

Some very random and pointless facts about me:
-I hate the heat.. it literally makes me sick
-I love the cold!
-I'm taller than almost all of my family members! (My family is short...)
-I talk to my dog Spooky like he's a human!... don't judge me!
-I'm home schooled!
-I love swimming
-I like fire :D
-I'm afraid to look into a mirror or window at night!
-Mirrors in general scare me!
-Sometimes when I'm bored I like to pretend I'm being interviewed for a book I've written, a movie I've directed or starred in, or for a song I've written.
-I am outside your window right now! by the way, when you're done reading this, you should really go clean your windows!

Thank you for stopping by my DeviantART! Please look at my Youtube as well. I don't have much on it, but I am gonna get to it soon.

And please check out my drawings! OH, and comment on them! pretty please??? I love comments!~
I will still log onto DeviantART as often as I typically do, because I like looking through the art, talking to a few of my dA friends, and just being random, but I am not going to post anything for a while. I think I posted a short status about this, but I'm gonna go ahead a make a journal entry about it.

To try and make this short, I am taking a break from VOCALOID until I'm able to get the editor. VOCALOID3, or VOCALOID4, I don't even care by this point. I'm certainly not giving it up, I love it too much. But I think a break is what I need.
I'm also not going to post any drawings for a while. I wanna improve before I post anything else, and the same goes for writing... although I rarely ever post writing, but I've been practicing. But sadly my practice is gonna have to wait. Lately my home school work has been getting harder and harder, and I need to sit down with my mom so she can explain some of it to me. So until I get my school together, I can't practice drawing or writing. 
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